Use the Snipping Tool to Capture Screen-shots

The Snipping Tool is a really useful tool available from Microsoft. You should have access to it via NHS and Keele computers. It allows you to take a snap-shot of your computer screen.

I use this tool to create the images in the step-by-step instructions that I create for this blog. You might find it useful to capture on-screen error messages, online feedback, items for your portfolio or information for your assignments or presentations.

You can find complete instructions of how to use the snipping tool on the Microsoft website.

Here are a few hints & tips:

Find the Snipping Tool

Here is an example of a screen-shot from the Microsoft help page explaining how to find the Snipping Tool. I have used MS Powerpoint to add content to the image.
Example screen-shot - from the Microsoft Snipping Tool help page

When you click the Start button in windows, you may find the Snipping Tool on your start menu, otherwise you should find it in the Accessories folder or just use the search box to find it.
Screen-shot of the windows Start menu

Screen Capture with the Snipping Tool

When you want to use the snipping tool make sure that the part of the screen you want to capture is visible. Then click the Snipping Tool.
Screen-shot of the Snipping Tool window

The Snipping Tool opens as a box (you may need to move it off the bit of screen you want to capture). With your mouse draw a rectangle around the part of the screen that you want to capture.
Example of part of the screen that I am capturing with the Snipping Tool

When you release the mouse your screen capture will appear in the Snipping Tool box.
Screen-shot of the Snipping Tool window

Edit Screen Capture Content

You can use the Snipping Tool edit functions to add some content to the image.

Use the Pen tool to draw on the image.
Example of the Pen tool

Use the Hightlighter tool to highlight part of the image.
Example of the Highlighter tool

You can use the Eraser tool to remove pen drawings and highlights you have added.
Example of the use of the eraser tool

Re-Using your Screen Capture

Once you are happy with your image you can save it or copy it to paste it into another application. For example you could paste it into a word document, powerpoint presentation or email.
Screen-shot of the Snipping Tool menu optoins

If you want to create another image, click the New menu option.

If you use the snipping tool to capture screen-shots for your assignments, remember to check the copyright statements and include the reference.

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