Using a Cinahl Account

If you register for a Cinahl account you will be able to save searches, save your results and set up alerts. This can save you a lot of re-work and time.

Register for a Cinahl Account
First of all log in to Cinahl as a Keele user using your Keele computer username and password (this should be automatic if you are on Campus).

Then click the “Sign In” option on the top menu bar.

Screen-shot of the Cinahl top menu bar

Once you have set up your account, this is where you will sign in.

To create your account select “Create a new account”.

Screen-shot of the Cinahl account log in screen

Complete the form presented. You will need to remember your username and password so make them something that you will remember or write them down somewhere safe. Note that you need to create a strong password. You might want to include lower case and upper case letters, numbers and special characters; and avoid short passwords.

Screen-shot of the form to create a Cinahl account

Using Your Cinahl Account
Once you are logged in to your Cinahl account you can:

Save Searches – in search history select the searches you want to save by ticking the box on the left-hand-side, then click the Save Searches option. Then enter a helpful search name and click Save.

Save Articles – to save articles click the Folder+ icon next to the article title.

Screen-shot showing you how to save articles by adding to a folder

View your Folder
Items that you save are added to you folder; click the Folder icon on the top menu bar.

Create your own folders – you can create your own folders. This will help you to organise your saved items. For example create a folder for each search and then move the articles you have saved into the folder.

In the example below I have saved my search on diabetes and hypertension (saved searches contains 1 search). I have saved 2 articles from my results (Articles folder = 2). I have now created my own folder (Diabetes and Hypertension) so now I can move my saved articles here to keep my results organised. I can also move my search to this folder as well.

Screen-shot demonstrating my folder in Cinahl

Organising your searches and articles in this way will be helpful when you come to write-up your assignments or dissertation.

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