Print to PDF

Printing to PDF is a useful tip that can help you to save information, web pages and your work.

It can really help if you can’t print or want to print later.

First find the information that you want to print or save. Here I have selected an article from the Information Skills for Health blog. This article is on the internet so the examples I have here will show you the screens presented in Google Chrome. The screens may differ slightly depending on where the information is that you want to save; however the concept should be the same.

Screen-shot of my example content
Select the print option from the interface you are using.

Screen-shot of print option in google chrome
In the print dialog screen that pops up you want to change the destination from the printer to PDF. Where the printer is listed click the “change” button or if this is not available click the drop-down box that holds the printer name.

Screen-shot of the print options in google chrome
Select the PDF option – this may be “save as PDF” or “adobe PDF”.

Screen-shot of example print options that you can select
Then click the “print” button or “save” button (it depends on the interface you are using).

Screen-shot of options once "save as pdf" is selected
You will then be presented with a screen asking you where to save your file. You can save it to your network workspace or a memory stick. You can choose to change the filename if you want to use something meaningful to you.

Screen-shot of the "save" screen
You can then open your PDF document as normal. You can keep the electronic document or print it out any time.

Screen-shot of the PDF file containing the saved content

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