Clinical Key – keeping up-to-date

You can use Clinical Key to keep up-to-date with your favourite ejournals by subscribing to e-tocs (electronic table of contents). You will then receive an email when a new issue of the journal is released.

Here is a step-by-step guide to subscribing to an etoc:

Log in to Clinical Key (see our healthcare resources page), then click the Journals link under the search box.
Screen-shot of the Clinical Key search screen

Browse or search for the Journal title you are interested in.
Screen-shot of the Browse Journals screen

Select the journal title
Screen-shot of an example journal title search

Now click the option “Subscribe” listed under the journal title.
Screen-shot of an example journal title page

A message will pop-up to confirm that you are now subscribed. The system will use the email address that you entered when you activated your account.
Screen-shot of confirmation of etoc subscription

You will now receive an email when a new issue is published, containing a list of the table of contents.

To learn more about the features of Clinical Key check our other blog posts.

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