Resource of the week #21: TRIP

What is it?
TRIP – meaning Turn Research Into Practice – is a clinical search engine, that allows you to search for good-quality research evidence.

Key Features
There are a number of search options:
  • Simple free-text search
  • PICO search
  • Advanced search options
The range of information that can be searched, includes:
  • Research articles
  • Evidence reviews
  • Guidelines
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Patient information
You can filter your results by evidence-type.

Example screen-shot from TRIP

How can it help you?
TRIP is a good resource to help you to find high-level, good quality evidence.

How to access it?
TRIP is available in 2 versions.
  • Standard version – this is freely available on the Internet. All users can access this.
  • Pro Version – this is a subscribed version and will give you additional features such as images and video as well as some full-text links. NHS users can access the Pro version via the NHS network.
Note that you will not necessarily be able to link to the full-text. Check the library collections to see if we have a subscription to the articles you find.

Video demo
Watch this video from founder Jon Brassey for more information about TRIP:

There are a number of video tutorials to help you get started with TRIP.

Use Cinahl to find articles on nursing topics

The Cinahl database is one of our most popular resources. Keele students can use it to search for articles on a range of nursing-based topics. Get started by completing our etutorial Using Cinahl and find out about its useful features.

Resource of the week #20: SPORTDiscus

What is it?
SPORTDiscus is a subject-specific, bibliographic database. It includes bibliographic details and abstracts of thousands of articles in the area of fitness, health and sports studies.

Key Features
We provide access to SPORTDiscus via the Ebsco platform.
Here you can search across hundreds of academic journals relating to the area of sports studies, including sports medicine.
As with our other ebsco databases you can save searches and search results as well as set up alerts.

How can it help you?
This is a useful database to use to find good quality information and research, if you are looking at topics related to sports medicine.

How to access it?
This database is available to Keele students and staff via the ebsoc platform. You will need to use your Keele computer username and password to access it. You can find a link to the database via the Additional Databases section of the Medicine Databases page.

What is an Article?

Learn about all the elements of an academic article so that you can find them quickly - complete our short etutorial What is an Article.

ClinicalKey Content Updates: February 8, 2018

New Clinical Overviews (past 30 days) – CK Global
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Eosinophilic esophagitis
  • Stomatitis
Journals Added
Journals Removed
  • Indian Journal of Rheumatology; ISSN: 0973-3698; Package/Collection: Rheumatology; Transferred to another publisher
  • International Journal of Mycobacteriology; ISSN: 2212-5531; Package/Collection: Infectious Disease; Transferred to another publisher
Books Added – CK Global