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Clinical Key can help you to create presentations by allowing you add Clinical Key content to an MS PowerPoint show. You might do this as background information to a case study presentation or when delivering education sessions to your colleagues.
Only images can be added to presentations.

Clinical Key is available to UHNM users via their NHS Athens username and password.

Saved Content
I am going to start from some content I have already saved. I have run a search for images for a dislocated shoulder. I have saved some of these images and tagged them as “Dislocated Shoulder”.

See the blog entry on Saving Articles for how to save and tag content. I would advise you to save the content you use for a presentation as then you will always be able to refer back to the original content you have used.
Screen-shot of my saved content

Add an Item to Presentation Maker
You can add an item to the presentation maker from either the search results page, the article or item page or from the saved content page. Here I am on the saved content page.
To add an item to the presentation maker click the presentation icon. You may need to either tick the item or hover over it to view the presentation maker icon.
Screen-shot of selected content and the presentation maker icon
Click the presentation icon – you will be presented with a pop-up screen asking you to select which presentation you wish to use. You can create a new one or select one that you created previously. Use a name that will be meaningful to you.
Screen-shot of the presentation pop-up - add your presentation name

Click Save to go back to your list to add more content, or click Save and Go to Presentations page to go to the presentations page.
Screen-shot of the presentation pop-up screen - save your presentation
View Your Presentations
To view your presentations at any time go to your account (top-right) and select Presentations from the drop-down box. Here you can see the list of presentations you have made.
Screen-shot of the presentation option for my account

Screen-shot of my list of presentations

Update Your Presentation
You can add more images to your presentation at any time – either from your search results or saved content page. You can also delete images from the presentation if you no longer want to include them.

Export Your Presentation
When you have selected the content you want in your presentation you can export it to a PowerPoint document. Select the presentation and click the Export option.
Screen-shot of the Export option on the right

Your PowerPoint document will be downloaded; open it and save it to your computer or network drive.
Screen-shot of download of powerpoint document

Each item that you added to the presentation in Clinical Key will be added to a PowerPoint slide, along with the description and reference from the original content and a copyright statement. You should keep this information. You can then edit the PowerPoint document to include the rest of your presentation.
Screen-shot of a powerpoint example

Try It

Presentation Maker is a really useful tool that can help you to easily include evidence-based material into your presentations.

Watch the video
You can watch a demonstration of how to create a presentation here:

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