Resource of the week #5: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

What is it?
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) is an independent organisation “working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice”. The JRF funds research, develops policy and publishes reports on issues based around poverty and social change.

Key Features
The reports available cover a wide range of social issues, some of which are linked to health.

How can it help you?
These reports can give you background information into social issues and their impact on how people live their lives. Sections include:

  • Cities, towns and neighbourhoods
  • Housing
  • Income and Benefits
  • People
  • Society
  • Work
There is a simple search option at the top of the page.

How to access it?

Did you know?
The founder of the JRF, Joseph Rowntree, was a quaker and owner of a sweet factory – yes, that Rowntree! (The Rowntree Society, available at URL: Accessed: 23/09/2017)

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