Evidently Cochrane – making Cochrane evidence accessible

Keep up-to-date with evidence released by the Cochrane Library by following the Evidently Cochrane blog.

Evidently Cochrane is a blog that aims to make Cochrane evidence more accessible and encourage discussion around it. The blogs are written by Cochrane staff as well as guest bloggers. Items are posted on a regular basis with themed issues and special events added throughout the year. You can select to view content based on a number of categories. You can sign-up to receive blog posts and digests via email in your inbox.

There are also 3 special categories:

  • Evidence for Everyday Allied Health
  • Evidence for Everyday Nursing
  • Evidence for Everyday Midwifery

So you can: keep up-to-date with the latest Cochrane Systematic reviews in your area, or keep abreast of the latest research, or use the evidence for CPD, discussions or revalidation reflection.

Here is a selection of recent topics covered:

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