Dynamed Search and Results

Dynamed is an evidence-based, point-of-care reference tool to help you to deal with clinical questions as they arise in practice. It is available to UHNM staff only.

To search Dynamed type your search terms into the text box. Suggestions from the Dynamed topics will appear. You can select one of the terms in the list or carry on with your own text and then click search to view your results.
Screen-shot of an example Dynamed search

You are then presented with your search results.
Screen-shot of example search results

View Content Preview
From your results list you can preview the content sections by hovering your mouse over the topic heading.
Screen-shot of sections preview

You can preview the sub-sections by clicking the “+” box.
Screen-shot of sub-sections preview

View Content Full-Text
Click the topic heading or section heading to go to the full-text.
Screen-shot of full-text

You can find more help on searching in Dynamed from this ebsco video tutorial.

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