Royal Marsden Manual Online – support for Nursing staff at UHNM

Nursing staff at UHNM can access the Royal Marsden Manual online. Here you will find:

  • Procedures & Guidelines
  • Images & Illustrations
  • Searchable content
  • Support for evidence-based practice
To access…

Start by going to the Health Library home page.
Screen-shot of the Health Library home page

Click the Quick Links option Healthcare Resources
Screen-shot of the Quick Links list

This page includes links to all the NHS-based resources.
Screen-shot of the Healthcare Resources page

Page down to the Royal Marsden section and click the link.
Screen-shot of the Royal Marsden link on the Healthcare Resources page
You now need to log in to the Royal Marsden by clicking the login link at the top right.
Screen-shot of the Royal Marsden Online home page

Select the “OpenAthens” option from the log in pop-up screen.
Screen-shot of the log in pop-up screen

Enter your NHS Athens username / password and click the “Sign in” button to login. Remember Royal Marsden Online is only available to UHNM users.
Screen-shot of Athens log in screen

Once you are logged in you can view the full-text

Browse Content
To browse through the content you can select the tabs at the top – Procedures, Chapters and Illustrations.
Here is an example of the Procedures tab.
Screen-shot of the Procedures tab

Here is an example of the Illustrations tab.
Screen-shot of the Illustrations tab

Search Content
You can also search across all the content – simply enter your search keywords into the search box. You may be prompted for suggestions.
Screen-shot of an example search

For more help on how to use the search options click the “Search Help” link.
Screen-shot of Search Help

The results of your search will be presented. Click into the title of each item to view the full-text.
Screen-shot of example search results

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