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You might find it helpful during your searching activities to save items that you find really useful or interesting. You can save articles, books, chapters, images or videos. This blog item will show you how to save articles on Clinical Key.

Log on
Clinical Key is available to staff working at UHNM. You will need to login using your NHS Athens username.

Save Articles from Search Results
Here is an example search: I have searched for full-text RCTs on nut hypersensitivity.
Screen-shot of an example search in Clinical Key

You can save articles directly from your search results, by selecting the box on the left of the article title. You can select more than one at a time. Once an article is selected you will see a number of icons become visible at the top of the list. Select the “Bookmark” icon to save your selected articles.
Screen-shot of selected articles

Add tags
You will be prompted to add a tag – this is a descriptor that will be added to each article you have selected. I would recommend that you add a meaningful tag.
Screen-shot of the tag pop-up screen
Here I have added a new tag “nut allergy”. You can add more than one tag.
Screen-shot of selection of a tag

Save Individual Articles
You can save an individual article from the article page by clicking the “Bookmark” icon.
Screen-shot of an article page

Again you will be prompted to add a tag – I have selected the tag “nut allergy” that I have already created.
Screen-shot of tag selection screen

View and Update Saved Content
To view the content that you have already saved click your account name (top-right) and select the “Saved Content” option.
Screen-shot of your account options

You can view all the content you have saved or select a tag.
Screen-shot of saved content

Here is the content I have just saved to the “nut allergy” tag.
Screen-shot of tagged, saved content
You can share the saved content with a colleague by clicking the “Share” option. You need to complete the pop-up form to send an email to your colleague. This will send a link to your tagged content. Your colleague must be able to log in to Clinical Key in order to access the content.
Screen-shot of share pop-up-screen
You can remove items from the saved list – hover over the article you want to delete in order to view the delete icon, then select this icon to remove the article.
Screen-shot of delete option

You can add some short notes to your tag – this should be helpful information to remind yourself of the purpose of the content. Select the “Notes for…” link, enter your comments and click “Save changes”.
Screen-shot of tag notes

Try It

Keeping a list of saved content is a good habit. You will be able to refer back to the original content that you have found and used. Use tags and tag-notes to keep of track of related content and why you are saving it.

Watch the Video
You can watch this video for an overview of how to save articles.

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